Essential Preparations Before Backpacking and Vacation | Safe Travel Tips

A good time at vacationing or backpacking trip can refresh you with a lot of memories. Benefits of backpacking or off-course trips are on the rise globally for its energizing nature.

If you are an expert, which one become after a lot of experience, preparation for travel is not that tough for you. On the other hand, many amateur travelers may miss the essentials requirement when preparing for their travel.

On the other hand, many amateur travelers may miss the essentials requirement when preparing for their backpacking trip.

For the precious movements and enjoyable trip, preparation is required and cannot be ignored from health and safety point of view. Here is how:

Here is how you can start your Preparations:

1 – Prepare backpacking checklist

Backpacking ListThere must be some reason that a short pencil has more memory than you can remember. So, go ahead and make a list of all the travel tools, gadgets, and essential gear for backpacking you can come up with.

Once you have the list ready, next step is to go through the list once again just to ensure that you did not miss anything important.

Another thing while making the list is time and revisions. It is not advisable to make the list in a short span of time e.g. an hour or a day.

Take some time and set a deadline for the final version, advisable is 3-5 days in advance. Maybe, a shorter time if you are already planning for this trip from long and know the essential to carry on the trip.

2 – Refurbishing Backpacking gear and gadgets

backpack repairingNow that you have a final list ready with you, move on to check the condition of items.

Peoples tend to forget to get the refurbishment of gears and gadgets they carrying to the trip. This might result in odd situations and unnecessary time and money waste.

Refurbishing essential backpacking gears and gadgets is easier and cheaper in your vicinity than at an unknown place.

For example, a backpack, the most common of all item for your trip may tear off while climbing or traveling on local transport. By checking it property and getting it fixed pre-travel will save time and money.

The only option left at that specific time is to buy a new one locally where the price of backpack may be higher and you could get it cheaper locally.

Other gear like tent, boots, stove etc. also needs to be checked

3 – Health – Vaccination and Medication

travel medicationGet more information on the health hazards you may face during backpacking destinations to minimize the risk. Collect information of medical resources available as per your itinerary.

Know about your allergies and make a list of local food items to be avoided. As unknown food item may trigger the alarm during travel and create health issues.

Always carry a list of own medical status, past history, and allergies to help doctors, if required.

Carrying medical prescription if you are on medication is a good idea as in many countries your medicine may not be available over the counter without it.

Keep a list of replacement medicines which are available locally in case you are running out of medicine supplies.

Any ignorance in above may spoil your backpacking trip.

4 – Confirm booking directly at Hotel/Guest House

backpacking operatorsBackpacking tour providers and online trip booking sites are countless and you may already receive the booking confirmation. Still contacting the scheduled hotel or guesthouse by yourself is always a good idea.

A number of incidents where the online hotel or guest house confirmation are not respected are slim in numbers. But you surely do not want to be counted in those number.

Contact hotel or guest house may also help you to get additional information in advance. Like, accepted documents to check-in, additional facilities (currency, guide etc.), room facilities etc.

5 – Don’t Let Weather Spoil Forecasts

Check weather for TravelGathering and keeping an eye on weather forecasts of trip destination (s) is a must have. Especially if backpacking destination is a hill station or tropical location.

Backpack and luggage size and weight depend on the weather forecasts. You definitely do not want to carry on a lot of woolen clothes for a sunny weather or not missing on the raincoat for the rainy season.

No one predicts the weather forecast to the perfection still checking constantly will help you plan the trip better.

6 – Stay Updated of Situation

Travel UpdateStaying updated about the trip destination is a matter of safety and health.

Under no circumstances, you avoid the latest updates of planned location especially if it’s a backpacking trip.

Like, a forecast of rain at destination may change your preference of the ordinary backpack to waterproof backpack.

Today, there are a lot of things happening around the world at any given time, be it political or regional or environmental.

For example, a sudden rise in the air pollution due to fire in the forest can be of great health concern.

So is the scheduled strike or demonstration against the government, local body or incident on the itinerary dates.

Above things can happen suddenly and updates will help you avoid getting into the situation.

7 – Leave Backpacking Schedule Itinerary with Family or Friends

inform neighboursKeeping a copy of all of the relevant documents like hotel name, tour operator, group member details etc. will surely make you and family members worry free.

Imagine your family receives a call for additional money you need from a stranger and you cannot be contacted?
How are the chances they ignore it as a scam or realize it too late of emergency you are in?

In another scenario, they receive a call for help and they have documents to authenticate the details. Isn’t lifesaving?

8 – Securing Home While on Trip

secure home when travellingThere are a lot of peoples out there who look for opportunities to break into the homes. Chances increase when they realize that you are out for a long period.

Giving trip information to the neighbors or local police station will help you to secure your home when you are not around.

This tip not only helps you when you are going for the long backpacking trip but even for weekend short trips.

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Essential Preparations Before Backpacking and Vacation | Safe Travel Tips

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