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If you are thinking of starting a blog because you are reading and hearing a lot of good things about blogging. You automatically falls into the category of dummies blogger and need some dummies blogging help tips to make your ride smoother.

I have collected the top help tips for you just to save your time and nothing else. If you are looking for an in-depth advice, this is not the right article for you. But, if you want tips which not many giving out there, you are at the right place. Sit tight and read ahead.

Dummies Blogging Help Tips to Get Started

Write what you thinking

My number one Dummies Blogging Help tip is simple and straight. When you first start blogging there is no niche for you. You are just a beginner and want to write your heart down which is not a single subject but anything about your daily life. Just write, forget about everything else, convert your thoughts into words and put them online.

You may choose about writing about your professional subject and that’s an advantage to you. Niche blogging is for experts who are into the trade from quite some time and know how microblogging works. Remember, we are giving Dummies Blogging Help tips and not for those who consider themselves expert in the field.

On the other hand, you have no experience but just thoughts you want to convert into words. So you should start doing that without thinking about the result. Trust me, you have to write the way you think and talk without copying someone’s style.

Once you are doing that, you later realize that people’s follow you because of your unique writing style. Almost all top bloggers do have their own style of writing through which they send the message to their audience.

However, if you are thinking of copying someone’s style for writing and think you will get success with that, I have my best wishes for you.

My Advice – Use MS word and write on subject whatever comes to your mind. Once you are full of 10-15 pages you can later check them before publishing online.

Choose WordPress

You may not agree if you came here after reading other Dummies Blogging Help articles. But, don’t spend your time searching for the perfect and best blogging platform for you. Just search WordPress and learn about its functionality.
Installation of WordPress is also possible on desktop or laptop as a local server for understanding the use of these amazing CMS.

If you do not agree that’s fine, you can search on this subject and almost every expert on Dummies Blogging Help too will advise the same as me. The only difference is that they explain this in 1000 words where I am straight forward.

My advice – Go and get WordPress installed it offline and get used to its functionalities.

Buy a Theme

Another subject which consumes a lot of dummies time is the search for that perfect theme for them. Remember, there is nothing called “The Perfect Theme” a basic professional will have all the features what you need to start your blog.

When I started blogging I spent more of my time on Dummies Blogging Help sites where everyone was publishing 10-20 themes to choose from. I realized that these there are just too many which created doubt in my mind and I resulted wasting my precious time. The time which you should be spending writing your content for your blog.

My Advice – Go to professional theme selling site, choose one and buy. It’s simple and makes one of your time wasting exercise out of the picture.

Get Social Accounts

When you start blogging there is no way your blog is crawled by google instantly. It takes time, a lot of time before your blog starts coming on to the google search pages. So social sites are your best bet for the free traffic towards your blog.

Create accounts on all popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. The problem with dummies bloggers is that they avoid social media sites without realizing that in future they will be their traffic fetching friends.

I am advising this because at the start of blogging you also need to get used to social sites for getting in touch with like-minded peoples. This dummies blogging help tip will help you a lot in future and you may not see the results straight away.

My Advice – Follow the influencer on social media also let your friends know you exist. Also, if you can’t create something cool, share something cool with others.

Read less Write More

Doing research on the subject is good but keep reading more than you write is not good for you. Remember, I said you to start with writing your mind out and that’s also mean a lot of writing. If you cannot write 1000 words a day without reading, you are not going to get successful in your blogging career.

If you do not know, writing about current event and trends will help you get more traffic and that’s mean you have to write a lot and will not get time to spend reading.

My Advice – Read 4-5 articles on your thought to get some more ideas about your article and start writing. Polish it off by reading those articles again and get to the final copy.

Get your Domain and Hosting

Our last dummies blogging help tip is to get your own custom domain and hosting. There are many experts out there who think dummies first get into the game with exposure and then start blogging on their own custom domain. I do agree with them but, you need to get your own domain name with hosting as soon as you can.

That’s the best thing you will do with you blogging career, remember to register a short domain which will add value to you. If you do not get any idea here, count the alphabets of all the world famous sites or blogs.


Final words, it’s not difficult to get into blogging neither it’s easy to keep yourself motivating for more and more. Just do as frequently you can write about trending topics in your own words and your thought on them.Forget about followers and reader and money which expert say you will make out of your blog. For few months concentrate on your content (writing), everything will eventually start falling into place for you.

Hope all of dummies blogging help tips mentioned above will clear your doubts about blogging will help you. I understand that these tips will not only save your time but your energy which you can put towards the right subjects.

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Dummies Blogging Help Tips | Save Your Time For Your Content

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